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Magento Store: Best 36 Magento Websites Example in The World

There are too many sites using magento and all that company are leading brand in the India and even in the world. Here i am going to tell you about list of top 17 magento store which are using magento eCommerce framework for their company website for online shopping stores or business.

If we want to know about the website built on Magento Framework as to why Magento Framework is at the top in the list of eCommerce framework, then we have to look at the data to know this reasons and as soon as we look at the data, we will get the answer that After all, why is the Magento Leading Framework among all the frameworks for creating online shopping websites?

We are talking about the Magento websites because we have the entire expert team of Magento store Development which has prepared this data so that it can be easy to find out why magento store leading at the top.

Be it shopify, whether its WordPress woo-commerce, magento or any other alternative, the magento framework looks very far ahead among all these frameworks.

Let’s check what are the best website in 2021 in the list of Top 17 Magento store lists.



Everyone knows about Nike, it is a very old company whose brand ambassador once used to be Akshay Kumar.

Although Magento framework default does not provide such type of function, but in spite of this, its custom development makes its website quite attractive as well as provides better convenience to the user experience.

Nike Magento Website

Alexa Global Rank of is 412 which is really really very impressive. has huge product collections and its still work very smooth. User experience is really very impressed with lots of custom functionality which has been added in this website.

This website consist some complex functionality because of its geotargeting to the users to provide most relevant and most relatable product by the individuals users.

As soon as you read the name, you will have got an idea in your mind about this brand.

The Ford Company is the foremost in the list of the world’s largest automobile company.

The company is also one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. This American company has its own online store for Ford accessories and the website is built in Magento which was built in 2012.

The user experience of this website is customized according to the car buyers, due to which the customers visiting these websites experience a different experience.

Ford Magento Store alexa global rank is 1,976 which proves that this website is really really very impressive

Nestle Nespresso USA is a big brand name for coffee and espresso machine. What to say about this brand, in today’s time, there is no brand bigger than this in terms of coffee.

By the way, the Nestle Coffee Company is one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world and despite being such a big brand, it uses the Magento eCommerce Framework.

Nespresso Online Store

This company website has a Online shopping website in Magento 2. Which provide grate user experience.

Its special customized designing and special features offers good shopping experience and high conversion rates and allow its customers to shop according to convenience.


Christian Louboutin

Whenever we talk about the favourite shoes of the Hollywood stars then this brand name comes first in it. Those big Hollywood stars include Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham and many other stars who love this brand or they Favourite of this brand Or even promote it.

christianlouboutin Shopping has a good alexa rank which is 5,195. This website has added too many custom functionality to add great user experience for their customer.



Liverpool is a world famous brand for English football club which has also their own online shopping portal with huge traffic and that portal has opted Magento 2.

By the way, this brand is very popular among its fans, but people who do not play football or are not fans of it, they also visit its website and do shopping.

Liverpool Magento Store

This clothing brand Liverpool has good alexa global ranking which is 25,100. Magento Store

Vizio is a leading manufacturers electronics company in US. Vizio manufacturers of TVs and audio equipment.

It provides you facility for both retailer or online. You can shop its website as per your convenience.

vizio Magento Store has good alexa global rank which is 43,130 which is rally good. Vizio magento website is really clean and user-friendly, that cleanses and user friendly interface provide great user experience.

Without any argument, this website is one of the best website list from Magento, most of the functionality related to its taste is part of the custom development, which is designed by Expert Magento.

They are so committed to their user experience that they have also set a separate step for this, in which the user can easily tell their needs and according to that their custom glass can be prepared and delivered to them.

warbyparker top magento store also has huge traffic and alexa global rank is 7,159 which really good and impressive.

For better convenience to their customers, warbyparker give permission that the users can try up to five glasses at home without buying a glass and when they feel that this glass fits them properly then they can buy it.

If we talk about individual product category, then it has the best collection in this category and in fact it has a great collection of related products which is really great to provide a better experience and better convenience to any kind of customer. Is enough for

hellyhansen magento store

Alexa global rank is 44,243 which is really very impressive ranking, with good number of web traffic on their website.

HellyHansen magento store is having only one store for the both public-facing and professional athletes ecommerce store.

Sigma Beauty has multiple store view and all that store view migrated into Magento 2 websites for both B2B and B2C platforms.

sigmabeauty online shop

Sigma Beauty has alexa rank is 108,160 which is not that much good rank but when it’s comes to the brand name, It has a different customer base, among which this brand is also quite famous, which is enough to bring good traffic to their online shopping website.


Land Rover

It is one of the biggest names from the automobile sector, a very well-known identity name that has been created its own online shopping website in Magento.

landrover magento store

Land rover website Alexa rank is almost 1,25000 which is not impressive at all but here we are talking about which big brand has their shopping store in Magento 2. So that this name came in this list.

The carousel extension takes four moons in its image slider and the carousel image made for its product image really gives its user a great experience.


Cox & Cox

The main feature of Cox & Cox is that they offers to their customers a discount of up to 20% on the first order. Its main focus is to build a list of its customers based on which they can make their marketing strategy In order to offer some good discount, they also insists on subscribing to you through a pop-up on his website in the first visit.

Cox and Cox Shopping Store

Cox & Cox has 1,29000 Alexa global ranking which is not that much but when we are preparing a list of websites used by big brands, then it is important to keep this big brand in the list of Magento 2 eCommerce platform used by big brand in 2021.

The brand also offers voice search facility to provide better experience to its users, which has been added through custom development.

Based on his custom development, he has designed such a feature that on every upcoming festivals, he can change the logo image of his website, so as to attract the customer and on the basis of that he prepares the best discount plan. With all the custom development features already built on their website which is enough to provide a better experience.

The priority of the company which has customized their website has been that to celebrate their 40th anniversary, some shirts have been prepared by the iconic band The Special which is dedicated to celebrate their anniversary.

fredperry shopping portal

Alexa global rank is 56,000 which is good not that much up to the mark. But the company website has really worked in smoothly and their front-end view trying to give good user experience but that is not up to the mark.


Swell Magento Store

Website is very good based on Swell experience. This company sells stainless-steel products online which is specializes in reusable stainless steel bottles. According to the product, this website has a great presentation of designing, working, etc., which also makes a lot of efforts to give its user a better experience through custom development. Many such features have also been connected separately through which on its own it provides a good experience to its user.

Swell Online Shopping website

If we talk about the website, then the company is quite big but its website is not that high compared to its brand name, but we are talking about the product which has earned a worldwide name, due to which it is quite possible to sell their product easily. so its website makes it to the top list.

Its alexa global rank is 70,00 which is really better than some other popular big brand website.


Why Magento Store Better than Others eCommerce framework?

Here are some top reasons why you should choose Magento 2 over some other popular framework like shopify, WordPress Woo-commerce etc. These top reasons proved why Magento 2 so popular and has gained huge popularity over some other Online Shopping framework:

Why magento store is best ecommerce platform ?

  1. Improved Performance
  2. Highly flexibility CMS platform
  3. Simple steps on checkout process
  4. Clear and adaptive new user interface
  5. Improved Marketplace
  6. Product creation is simple with SEO friendly facility
  7. Mobile friendly
  8. Very Less security risk
  9. Time to Time Security patches up-gradation by Magento Community
  10. Variety in key integrations
  11. Built-in support for Varnish caching and Full Page Cache component


List of Top Magento Store: Best 20 Websites

  1. is a international fashion brand.
  2. Bulk Powders is a sports vitamins and other nutrients website.
  3. is a faishion website for men and women.
  4. The finest fine jewellery shop.
  5. is the British footwear and accessories retailer.
  6. selling wholesome snacks.
  7. it the world largest designer & manufacturer of costumes.
  8. is a British footwear and accessories retailer.
  9. is an American global watch manufacturing company.
  10. NEOM is a natural fragrances company.
  11. its a online tennis store company.
  12. is a French company producing and marketing syrups, liqueurs and fruit purees.
  13. The company that produces workout underwear.
  14. well-known for its athletic sports cars and luxurious sedans.
  15. manufacturers of optics products and medical and surgical equipment.
  16. is a well-known fragrant tea.
  17. is a jewellery brand.
  18. is a fashion shopping brand.


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To Sum Up Magento Store

If we conclude everything in the last, then there will be many big brands who could have create their own framework, in spite of this all they are using Magento shopping framework that means this framwork is really have some good structure.

There are more than 250,000 active web stores using Magento eCommerce Shopping platform. This number is really really great in terms of adaptability.


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